Setting Up Windows 95/98/ME to Connect to Izzy Dot Net PAP (

-Go to "My Computer"
-Double click on "Dial-Up Networking"

-Double click on the "Make a new connection" icon
-Type Izzy in the "name" field
-Select your modem in the modem field
-Click on "Next" in the New connection setup 
-Type 734 in Area Code
-Type 272-0357 in Telephone number
-Click "Next"
-Click "Finish"

-Locate the "Izzy" icon in the "Dial-Up Networking" window 
-Do a right mouse button click on the "Izzy" Icon
-Click on "Properties" from the pull down menu


-Click on the "Server Types" button or tab


-Make sure the "Type of Dial-Up Server" is set to 
    "PPP: Internet Windows... "
-Check Enable software compression
-Make sure "log on to Network" is not checked.
-Enable "TCP/IP" (and *not* "NetBEUI" nor "IPX/SPX Compatable")
-Click on "TCP/IP Settings"


-Select "Server assigned IP address"
-Select "Server assigned name server addresses"
-Check Use IP Header compression
-Check "Use default gateway on remote network"


-Click "OK"
-On the "Server Type" dialog box click "OK"
-On the "General" dialog click "OK"

************* PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STEP CAREFULLY *****************

How to connect to
-Open the "Dial-up Networking" window
-Double click on Izzy
-Enter your Email address (i.e.: ) as the user name.
-Enter your Password in the appropriate box.
-Click on Connect.

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