A great deal of the power of a World Wide Web site comes from its ability to interact with the person viewing the site. These interactions are driven by a Web facility called the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). This document is not intended to teach you how to write gateways, but only to tell you how you can incorporate gateways into your personal web page.

Through the technique described below you'll be able to add forms, imagemaps and visitor counters to your web pages. If you're adept at programming in C or in perl you'll be able to write and use your own gateway script creations to extend your web sites' capabilities.


CgiWrap is a gateway program that Isthmus runs from a secure location on its server that enables general users to use CGI scripts and HTML forms without compromising the security of our host.

To set up your personal home page for cgi scripting proceed as follows:

  1. Create a cgi-bin directory under your public_html directory
      Change to your public_html directory
        cd ~/public_html
      Make directory cgi-bin
        mkdir cgi-bin

  2. Set the proper directory permissions
      Set directory permissions for cgi-bin to 775
        chmod 775 cgi-bin
That's all the setup you need to do.

If you want to test the capability you can look at "Creating a Visitor Counter Display".


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