You are visitor number

Many Web sites have a small display - such as the one above -
that shows the number of times their home page has been visited.
You can do the same for your home page if you follow the
instructions below.


Before reading further you must have set up your personal home page directory structure and contents so that you can execute cgi scripts. If you haven't yet done this, please read "How to Enable CGI Scripting for Your Personal Home Page".

To set up your scripting-enabled personal home page proceed as follows:

  1. Create a stats directory under your public_html directory
      Change to your public_html directory
        cd ~/public_html
      Make directory stats
        mkdir stats

  2. Create the files counter.txt and counter.log in your stats directory The counter.txt file will be used to maintain the count. The counter.log file will log the date and time of the visit.
      Change to your stats directory
        cd stats
      Create file counter.txt and initialize it to 0
        cat > counter.txt
      Create file counter.log
        cat > counter.log

  3. Set the proper file permissions
      Set file permissions for counter.txt to 660
        chmod 660 counter.txt
      Set file permissions for counter.log to 660
        chmod 660 counter.log

  4. Put the cgicount script in your cgi-bin directory
      Change to your cgi-bin directory
        cd ~/public_html/cgi-bin
      Copy cgicount file
        cp /usr/local/bin/cgicount .
      Set file permissions for cgicount to 770
        chmod 770 cgicount
That's all the setup you need to do.

Displaying the Counter

To display the counter place the following line into your page wherever you would like the counter to appear:

<img src="

    <img src="">


The only change you need to make is to substitute your login ID for loginid in the line above.



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