Izzy Dot Net offers a full range of account types, connectivity options and business services. Our offerings and our prices are very competitive, whether we are compared to other local providers or to national providers. And our customers report that our service and support are outstanding.


Account Types:

Email Account: For users who want the advantages of world-wide electronic mail, but do not plan to use the other features and facilities of the Internet. This account type enables one to correspond with friends, family, business associates and other users on the Internet, CompuServe, America On Line, Prodigy, MCI Mail and other networks around the world at an amazingly low cost. 5.95 per month

Unix Shell Account: For customers who are more familiar with UNIX, or for those who are ready to try something new, Izzy offers access to our UNIX operating system. We recommend shell access to anyone who wants to do file maintenance, use FTP and Archie, compile C programs or use UNIX features. The UNIX shell account used in conjunction with our easy to use menu is also appropriate for someone just starting out on the Internet.
15.95 per month

Single Internet Protocol (IP) Account: For subscribers who want dial-up SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) and PPP (Point to Point Protocol) access, which makes their computer a host on the Internet, Izzy offers IP (Internet Protocol) accounts. TCP/IP software is required to take advantge of this service. This type of access allows you to exploit your computerís environment. Microsoft Windows user and Mac users can access the Internet through graphical point and click tools when they have an IP account, and they can download data from the Internet directly to their own computer. 19.95 per month

LAN IP Accounts: For organizations that have their own network that they would like to connect to the Internet, Izzy offers LAN IP accounts. A LAN IP account allows you to connect the computers on your network through a local router which will transmit and receive the traffic for your network over a single line between your network and Izzy Dot Net. The individual computers on your network can run with IP accounts. There is a small incremental charge for individual IP accounts when they are run as part of your LAN. 5.00 per LAN IP account name per month

UUCP and SMTP Server Accounts: UUCP (UNIX to UNIX CoPy) service and SMTP Server service are available for those organizations who wish to host their own mail or Usenet News server with only part time connectivity. This service allows your host to periodically connect to Izzy to upload outbound mail to us and to download mail and news that we have collected for you. 39.95 per month


56 Kbps Modem Pool: A pool of 56 Kbps modems are accessible by a local number. We will continue to maintain a sufficient number of modems to assure that there will normally be one available when you call. Since the modems in the modem pool are used on a first-come first-served basis, they can occasionally all be in use when you attempt to call. This is most likely during peak periods. If that is the case you will get a busy signal. When this happens you should attempt the call again after a short wait. Modem pool dial-in is appropriate for most email accounts, most shell accounts and most IP accounts.

ISDN Modem Pool: A pool of ISDN modems are accessible using any one of our local numbers. These modems are capable of both 64K and 128K with bonding. This pool is similar to the modem pool described above. This is for customers who require more bandwidth without the need for a static IP. 50.00 per month

Dedicated ISDN Connection: ISDN is available for clients who have a high traffic volume, or for those who need exceptional speed for uploading and downloading files. ISDN is available at 64Kbps or 128Kbps. Dedicated ISDN is appropriate for clients with nodes with very high data transfer requirements, for clients with high activity servers (such as WWW servers) or for clients with supporting large LANs. 199.00 per month (64K) and 249.00 per month (128K)

Telephone Numbers:

A Local Call From: We service most of the 734, 810, 248, 586 and 313 area codes. Click on the link below to find a local number in your area.

Local numbers by community



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